The Silly Yaya Series


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Silly Yaya

What do you call your grandparents? Silly Yaya is a children’s picture book written for children who do not call their grandparents the traditional grandma and grandpa. Instead, Silly Yaya tells the story of why “Each one (grandparent) needs their own special name. From family to family, they are not always the same.” Explore the book with your child or grandchild to see if the names they call their grandparents are listed in this book that also talks about their one-of-a-kind relationship. There is nothing like the special bond between grandparent and grandchild.  Find the special spot at the end that makes Silly Yaya a Keepsake Book. Charmingly illustrated in colored pencil, with a very childlike quality, the young child enjoys looking for the characters in the book they believe are their grandparents.

There are 50 grandparent names listed in the book, is your grandparent name listed?

  • Nonna
  • Gigi
  • Pepaw
  • YiaYia
  • Poppy

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Sunday Dinner at Silly Yaya’s

The Sunday Dinner table is where families share stories about their week, tell bad jokes, share upcoming events, and solve problems. Everyone is talking at the same time; it’s loud and full of love. Best of all, the food is always great!  And “Kim who always wants dessert first, has a cupcake in her purse!”

Join Silly Yaya’s fun loving Greek/Italian blended family at the dinner table and discover their silly ways as they carry on the tradition of Sunday Dinner.  Do you remember Sunday Dinner at your grandmother’s house?  This book is sure to invoke memories of Sunday Dinner for the adults and teach the kids important lessons that “the most important thing of all, love your family, be it big or small!”

Get kids in the kitchen with you and try the kid friendly Greek Salad Dressing recipe on the last page.  When kids cook with us in the kitchen, it builds everlasting memories.

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Unkie Munkie Lives at the Zoo

Does Unkie Munkie Live at the Zoo? Explore the story as told by two year old Lu, who meets up with Unkie Munkie (her uncle) for an adventure at the zoo – and he seems to know quite a  lot about the zoo. Does he really live at the zoo?  Maybe he works at the zoo, maybe he’s a pretty smart fella.  Read the story and decide if it’s true.  The answer to that and the ending of the story are left up to you.  Beautifully illustrated with colored pencil, this children’s book employs prose and poetry and is sure to become a favorite.  This book encourages the reader to use their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Named Amazon’s #1 New Release in its genre!

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Gracie’s RV Mis-Adventure

Gracie is a very dramatic dog who loves food, and is on a RV ROAD TRIP adventure with her owner, Silly Yaya, when somehow it goes wrong…very, very, horribly, terribly wrong!  Gracie has lost her blanket, the blanket she’s had since she was a puppy, the blanket she can’t sleep without.  How was she going to go on?  HOW?  HOW?  Gracie is a problem solver and she has a plan, but will it work?  Will she find her blanket?  Can she find her blanket?  Where is her blanket?  Where?

Join Gracie and Silly Yaya on their mis-adventures during their road trip, that’s filled with hysterical encounters with snakes, goats and ooey, gooey marshmallows and much, much more!  This early reader chapter book has black and white illustrations on every page with simple text and speech bubbles that are sure to get kids engaged.  This book highlights Gracie’s problem solving skills and teaches important lessons about her self-doubt, anxiety and solutions  in a kid-friendly way that is sure to spark conversation.  There is even a fun fact filled geography lesson too!

  • ages 5-8
  • grades K-2
  • problem solving skills
  • important lessons
  • geography/map reading
  • 82 page early chapter book

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I’m Writing My Graphic Novel

This is the perfect journal for kids (and big kids too!) to draw and write their own Graphic Novel/Comic Journal.  Inside find over 100 pages with four different template comic pages as well as brief instructions and examples to get started.  There are also six story prompts on the back of the journal to help with story ideas.  This is a format that kids are comfortable with, they are more likely to journal in this manner.  Its compact size of 6×9, makes it the perfect size to take on-the-go so that kids can draw whenever they have time.  Graphic novels and comics are a great way to get reluctant readers interested in reading.  When kids create their own graphic novel/comic, they are using both their artistic and language art skills all while having fun.

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Silly Yaya picture books are 32 page full color, rhyming picture books appropriate for children of all ages.  Silly Yaya books are sold internationally and have quickly become family favorites  to be read over and over again.  Silly Yaya books spark conversations between the child and parent about their families, other families and traditions.  Join the Silly Yaya family today!
The book Silly Yaya is the perfect book to give grandparents from their grandchildren, for grandchildren from their grandparents, to use as a pregnancy announcement for the soon-to-be grandparents, as a baby shower gift for the expectant mother, or as a gift from the expectant mother for her mother and/or mother-in-law at a baby shower. It’s a touching gift to give a friend when they find out that they are going to become a grandparent.  No matter how you spell Yaya (YiaYia) or say Grandma, each grandparent name is special!  It’s the perfect Grandparent’s Day gift too!  Visit Amazon under Meadow Road Publishing (books) for Grandmother Journals that compliment both Silly Yaya and Sunday Dinner at Silly Yaya’s.
Sunday Dinner at Silly Yaya’s makes an extra special gift for the grandmother in your life who hosts family dinners, the cook in the family, or any one who is a foodie or loves the tradition of family and food. It’s the perfect hostess gift to bring instead of a bottle of wine!  Include the ingredients to make the recipe for Greek Salad Dressing on the last page as an extra special gift!
Unkie Munkie Lives at the Zoo is a great gift to the special uncle in the family from a niece or nephew (or to the niece or nephew from the uncle) who adore their uncle and have that fun, carefree, goofy, can do no wrong, one-of-a-kind relationship. In addition, it’s such a fun book for everyone figuring out the clues, and deciding the end of the story. So… it fake or is it true? Does Unkie Munkie really live at the zoo?  This book is great for critical thinking skills!